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Air Conditioning Tips & Advice

Air Conditioning Tips & Advice (2)

If your noticing ice around your air conditioner's condenser coil, or the unit has stopped operating because of freezing, there are a few possible causes. 

1. Lack of air flow. An air conditioner works by taking the heat from inside the home and blowing it over the evaporator coil located outside the home. This split-system enables the heat exchange performed by the refrigerant to take place. Without the exchange of warm air the temperature of the coil will continue dropping, increasing the likelihood of a freeze up.

2. Low refrigerant levels. As the level of refrigerant drops, so does the pressure inside the system. When a smaller amount of refrigerant is forced to expand the same amount, it lowers the temperature.

3. Low outside temperature. If an air conditioner is run when the outside air is too cool, the pressure inside the unit can drop, causing a freeze up. This can occur at temperatures of around 62 degrees.

4. Malfunctioning mechanical systems. A damaged refrigerant line, broken fan, even a clogged up air filter, can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up.

Have air conditioner problems? Call Maitz Home Services, we can help diagnose the cause and offer solutions to fix the problem.
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 18:40

Help! My Air Conditioner Won't Turn On

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It's the first hot day of the season and you go to turn on your air conditioner... and nothing happens. Before calling Maitz for service there are a few things you can check yourself.
  • First, check that the thermostat is set to "Cool" and not been unintentionally switched to the "Off" or "Heat" setting.
  • Turn the thermostat temperature down a few additional degrees to see if it turns on. 
  • Check that the external safety switch is set to the on position. The switch will be located on an exterior wall near the AC condensing unit.
  • Check that the circuit breaker that controls the air conditioner compressor and air handler are set to the “on” position. If a circuit breaker has tripped, reset the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips again, do not try to reset it. Have Maitz check the unit to determine the cause of the problem.
If your air conditioner still won't turn on, call Maitz Home Services, we have fully stocked trucks in your you neighborhood with technicians who can quickly diagnose the problem and getting your air conditioner running again.
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